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Home Temperature Alarms for High or Low Temperature Monitoring

TempAlarm is a general purpose temperature monitoring device with automatic call-out. The TempAlarm has many different applications in your home, cabin or business including:

  • Prevent damage from mold or mildew from high humidity caused by air conditioning failure.
  • Protect an elderly relative during an air conditioning failure.
  • Monitor the temperature in a home or shelter where you keep a pet.
  • Use a refrigerator alarm or freezer alarm to prevent food spoilage in the event of the appliance’s malfunction.
  • Monitor temperatures in greenhouses or other businesses where high or temperatures can damage goods and materials.
  • Monitor temperatures in computer rooms, wine cellars, etc.
  • Monitors both high and low temperature conditions.

Our TempAlarm offers the lowest cost remote temperature alarm solution in the market. Control Products offers many models to choose from with a wide range of features at many attractive price points. Best of all, our temperature alarms are very user friendly and can be programmed in a very few minutes, offering complete peace of mind. The unit includes a simple voice instruction set that anyone can follow.

Control Products also offers customization of our temperature alarms. Please call and find out how Control Products can design and build a low cost custom TempAlarm™ solution to meet your OEM needs.

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